Daehyun Kim was born in 1980 in Seoul. He studied Oriental Painting at Hongik University in Seoul. After graduating from university, he started to draw his characteristic drawings, called “Moonassi series”. Daehyun also worked as a graphic designer, marketing manager, and art director at various companies for several years. Since he worked with New York Times as an illustrator, he some times collaborate with other artists and brands. Now he is working and living in Paju. Gyeonggi-do.



I’ve been making a series of drawing, called “Moonassi” since 2008. Moonassi is my artist name, which means similar to the Buddhist term “Anatta”. From the beginning, I wanted to draw something I really know and something I really can speak about. It was my inner feelings and my intimate relations that give me various emotions. My drawings are all about me and others. What I like to create is a drawing as an empty space between me and viewer, so that people can talk and find their own story from my drawings. I only use black colour because it’s simple and enough to depict. I draw on a small paper because it’s convenient. 




B.F.A. in oriental painting, Hongik university, Seoul, South Korea, 2009

Solo Exhibition

'Draw a Curtain', Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2015

’You're sur real’, Daelim museum D project space, Seoul, Korea, 2015

‘I want to be like I wasn’t there’, Brain Factory Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2010

Group Exhibition

‘Dessiner l’invisible’, 24b Galerie, Paris, France, 2015

’Silent Movies’, Cavendish Square, London, UK, 2015

‘PRIMO’, Palais Galerie, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2015

‘EYE9 - En Attendant Godot’, The Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2015

‘EYE9 - Sai Sai’, Palais de Seoul, Seoul, Korea, 2014

Illustrators 56 part 1 and 2, museum of american illustration, NYC, USA, 2014

‘New Vision 2010’, Touch Art Gallery, Pa-ju, South Korea, 2010

‘The Grand Date with Artists’, King Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2009

‘Conjunction - Artist of Media’, JungMiSo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2009

‘Uncertainty Composition’, Grau Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2007



Winners for Illustration Category, The 2013/2014 YCN Professional Awards