전시 제안, 작품 구매, 인터뷰 요청, 작품의 비상업적 사용 등에 관한 사항은 저에게 직접 이메일이나 전화를 통해 문의해주시기 바랍니다. 

For inquiries about exhibitions, purchase of works, interview requests, Non-commercial use of works, please contact with me directly. 

Daehyun Kim / Moonassi

현재 노르웨이 아티스트-인-레지던시 프로그램 참여 중으로,  연락은 아래 이메일로 해 주시기 바랍니다.

I am currently participating in the artist-in-residency program in Norway. So please contact with me at the email address below.

Daehyun Kim (

기타 일러스트레이션 제안, 콜라보레이션, 그림의 상업적 이용에 대한 문의는 (국내의 경우) 저에게, (해외의 경우) 저의 에이전시 Hugo & Marie에 문의해 주시기 바랍니다. 

If you have any questions about the collaboration proposal or the commercial use of the work, please contact with Jennifer Gonzalez at Hugo & Marie.

Represented by Hugo & Marie

20 Jay Street Suite 311A
Brooklyn NY 11201, United States
+1 646-454-9959

Jennifer Gonzalez (

For Inquiries about print

  • I don't have a plan to produce prints at this time. I hope you understand that I can not answer for this question.
  • I will make a notice about print sales through my instagram (@moonothing) later.

For Inquiries about tattoo...

  • You can refer my drawing for tattoo without my permission. But if you really want to pay for the licensing fee, you can pay as you want on here.
  • I do not allow professional tattooists to offer moonassi's pictures to their customers, nor to receive license fees from the customers.
  • Please share your moonassi tattoo with me in high quality photos. I would like to collect the photographs for the future exhibition.


Thank you.